10 Songs that will make you want to travel

Have you ever heard a melody, a single string of notes, woven in a way that you just feel you’re somewhere else?
Not only that, but that you in fact need to urgently travel to that place?
Or, if you already where there, that this song transports you to a memory so vivid, it starts to feel like it is present again?
Well fear not, it is a common feeling that no-one is immune to!

We compiled a list of #10 songs that accomplish such a thing with us. 5 from Tigs, 5 from Rosy.

We could go on and on about songs that make us want to pack our bags and go, but you’ll probably be on your way to your next destination before you can even finish reading this list! Yes, we are that confident about the power of these songs, hehe!

#10| PARIS, France
Stephane Wrembel – Bistro Fada 

Ok, this one maybe a cliché, but I’m sticking with it until croissants rain over the Champs Elysee. hehe
This song makes me think of France, more specifically Paris. Just like strokes of a brush, the chords of the guitar paints a lovely picture of all the narrow alleyways and steep stairs one walks, while getting lost in Paris. The song also has a romantic tone to it, perfect for the city of lights itself.

#9| ROUTE 66, North America
Blues Brothers – (Ghost) Riders in the Sky

Ah! The famous route 66. Now this is one iconic trip.
I can just imagine myself on a car, on the road, putting some blues on the radio and enjoying the ride. I listen to this music and I can picture myself stopping at a random town, enjoying a nice BBQ lunch and hopping again on the car to continue the trip.
Still, America is so wide, that you need more than just route 66 to see it all. Maybe I would also like to visit Florida Keys or Grand Canyon.

#8| RIO DE JANEIRO, Brasil 
Chico Buarque – Morena de Angola

Ah! If you thought I was going to suggest Girl from Ipanema, you thought wrong! hehe
This song makes you want to dance…not just any dance, but a kind of get-on-a-plane-and-dance-on-the-streets-of-Brasil-during-Carnaval kind of dance! Just listen to the music and see if you can’t imagine yourself amongst the samba dancers, with all their sparkly and imaginative attire.
And when you get tired of all this party, just go relax on the hot sand of the beautiful beaches in Rio.

Crystal Fighters – Plage

Ok, this song is not specifically for the French Riviera. It could just as easily be applied to beaches in Portugal, Italy or Greece, for example! This song is the perfect beach anthem!
Just imagine this scenario: the first rays of summer start peeking through the window, your friends start to make plans to get together and you just have time to grab your towel and flip-flops (kids, remember the sunscreen ahah), grab the car and go to the beach with them. And what is playing in the car radio? This music!
It’s one of those songs that puts you in that summer mood. So go ahead, give it a listen and see if you agree with me!

#6| TEHRAN, Iran 
Barobax feat. GamNo – Soosan Khanoom

I’ve always been fascinated with the Middle East and ancient civilizations. Iran is probably a country we don’t usually hear much about, but when you search for it on Instagram you can only wish to be there, to see such beautiful art and architecture up close! I’m always looking for songs that are influenced by the Middle Eastern culture, so when I heard this song in an old viral video, I just had to check out the whole song! And of course, it made it to my playlist.

#5| PRAIA, Cape Verde
Tito Paris – Dança ma mi criola

I’m going to tell you something about me: I have a fascination with islands!
I don’t know where this comes from, but I really like to travel and visit islands from all over the world. It is interesting how such small pieces of land can harbour such rich cultures.
This music in particular is from Cape Verde, an island I never went to, but is a common holiday destination for portuguese people. I heard it playing in a portuguese comedy series, called Sal.

#4| TOKYO, Japan
H ZETTRIO – Neo Japanesque 

Does this song sound familiar to you? That’s because you probably heard it on the 2016 Olympic Games, in Rio, when Japan announced that the next games will be held there, in 2020.
Now, people that know me know, that I have a huge (HUGE!) obsession with Japan, since I can probably remember. I’ve been planning to go there for ages, but I never got to do it. When I was watching the Olympic Games and this song started playing, with all that fantastic performance and cameo from Super Mario, you must believe me when I say that I was beyond excited!
I don’t know if we’re going in 2020, but I know that Japan truly captivated a lot of tourism that night!

#3| BOGOTÁ, Colombia
Grupo Galé – Ven a Medellín

I’m a huge fan of the series Narcos and I must say I love its soundtrack. Although the series is about drug cartels and violence, the music does a great job in showing that Colombia possesses a great culture!
I’ve never been to Central and South America, but you bet that is one trip I want to do, since I’m so fascinated by all those countries. Until I travel there, I’m happy to dance to this song with Rosy!

#2| REYKJAVÍK, Iceland
Sigur Rós – Svefn-g-englar

There is something about Sigur Rós’ songs that just transports you to the icy landscapes of Iceland.
If you close your eyes you can just feel your foot dipping in a hot spring bath, surrounded by gigantic volcanoes, glaciers and breathtaking fjords. I never went to Iceland, but I can see myself going on an epic road trip through the mountains of this country, as soon as this song comes on.
You can bet that one of the things that really makes Iceland a destination on my bucket list, is this band’s songs!

#1| DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania
Diamond Platnumz ft Rayvanny – Salome

Last year, when we started planning our camping trip to Kenya and Tanzania, I decided to search for what was on the top charts of both countries and this song came up. It was probably an instant hit for us, especially when we saw the music video.
The song is super catchy, although at the time we didn’t really know what we were singing!
When we told our tour leader Linda, from Kenya, that we had this song on repeat on our phones, she laughed because she also liked it, but never expected some outsiders to know it too! Then she told us what the lyrics meant…and well, let’s just say, don’t sing it at a formal event! Ups! ahah

So, do you like our choices? Did any of them made you start planning your next trip?
What other songs do you listen to that also made you travel?
Share them with us down in the comments! See you soon! 

  • Rosário Cardoso